Savage-Leigh Lola-ET

  • Breed:
  • ID: EX-93 EEEEE @ 5-2
  • Sire: Picston Shottle-ET
  • Dam: avage-Leigh Licorice-ET, Ex-92 EEVEE
  • 2nd Dam: Savage-Leigh Bellwood Linda, Ex-92 EEEEE 2E

Maternal Sisters:
Savage-Leigh Leona-ET, NOW Ex-96
2nd 125,000lb cow at WDE 2012
Savage-Leigh Lavish-ET, Ex-94

We lost Lola last winter. She leaves behind her 7/29/12 Toc-Farm Goldsun heifer and we have
September 2013 heifers by Atwood.
Lola is now a Gold Medal Dam!