Since 1958...
it's always been about the cows!

Blue Spruce Farm is probably best known for being the pioneering Cow Power farm in Vermont. What people might not realize is that we are a three generation family farm also, with a proud tradition of caring for our animals, our land, and each other. Our top quality milk is used to make Cabot cheddar cheese at our plant, located just 9 miles away.

Blue Spruce Farm produces over 30,000,000 pounds (3.6 million gallons) of milk each year, and crops 3,000 acres to feed our lovely girls. We generate electricity for our community from the feed our cows eat—after of course, it comes out the back end. Our two Cabot Cheese plants are owned by us and other farm families, employing over 575 people, while providing a valuable market for Vermont milk and global distribution of international award-winning cheddar cheese. We are proud of our heritage, commitment to community, and being an integral part of the Cabot Co-Op making the World’s Best Cheddar.

Cow Power
Yes, we know our cows. Blue Spruce Farm grows the highest quality feed in order to provide these hard working girls with a balanced, nutritious diet. We have enormous investments in equipment, labor, seed and land to grow the grass and corn which provides the bulk of the cows’ nutritional needs.

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A Bit of History
Norman and Mary-Rose Audet purchased the Blue Spruce Farm when they married in 1958. Previously, Norman had worked on his family farm in Orwell, Vermont. Over the next seven years, the Audets produced five children. Together with this energetic, built-in workforce, Norman and Mary-Rose fearlessly set off to update and grow the farm. In 1970, they experienced a devastating barn fire.

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