Eithier-Acres Calimero Quick

  • Breed:
  • ID: EX-93 2E MS-93
  • Sire: Margot Calimero
  • Dam: Scapeland BBBK Quince-ET VG-85
  • 2nd Dam: Scapeland Gold Quick EX-91 3E

Show Results
● 5th Aged Cow, WDE 2015
● 1st Aged Cow, VT State Show 2015
● 2nd 5yr Old, Eastern National Show 2014
And Res. Grand Champion

Quick has two scored daughters at the farm:
Ethier-Acres Ristourn Quickly VG-88 @ 2-08
Ethier-Acres Raven Quickens VG-86 @ 2-00
Quick also has daughters by Nemo and Perfect.